Join us on a "Magical" journey to the Sunset by Juliana Collection of apparel & accessories

About Us

  Where the worlds of art often collide with lifestyle, Greg Graham aka Comfort Crusade is an American-born Electronic Lounge music producer/DJ who has been continually intrigued with music and its effect on lifestyle.

After extensive life experience living abroad twice and touring dozens of countries as a DJ or music marketing executive, Comfort Crusade became steadily more drawn to the music & lifestyle found in numerous chilled out lounge bars, poolside cafes and luxury rooftop settings.

The embrace of diversity in art, thought & people is an inherent part of the Lounge culture. Ideas are freely exchanged and new friendships are born.

These laid-back, culturally-inclusive & often strikingly-designed lounge bar environments have become increasingly chosen to be the backdrop for those special days or evenings with your favorite people around the world. 

Early days are here for It is in these moments that a foundation is built. Thank you for taking some time and a chance on this unique digital boutique shop.

Comfort Crusade or Greg (whichever you prefer) can be reached using the information below:


Tel: +1-347-560-4734