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Chill Mode - Comfort Crusade feat. Evie Bubbles

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It's Always Summer Somewhere

It's Always Summer Somewhere

  • Out 04 Jun 2021

  • Out 11th June 2021

  • Out 18th June 2021

  • Out 25th June 2021

  • Album Launch: 02 July 2021

Out 04 Jun 2021

Out 11th June 2021

Out 18th June 2021

Out 25th June 2021

Album Launch: 02 July 2021


Comfort Crusade creates original laid-back music that acts as a soundtrack for chilling with your favorite people at your best times.

As a former member of London-based award-winning production duo, Afreex, Greg "Comfort Crusade" Graham, alongside Kelvin Avon, worked closely with several international music labels to create official remix single versions for artists such as P. Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Whitney Houston, and many more.

Later, as Comfort Crusade discovered the diverse swirl of people relaxing at lounges and cafes around the world, he actively participated in crafting his sound. At that point his new musical evolution took place.


The comfy clothing seen poolside, at rooftop lounges, destination hotel bars, or chic cafes is another aspect of the chillout lifestyle that makes it uniquely appealing.

Comfort Crusade went a couple of steps beyond the typical "merch" that musicians often create.

Super dope designs with an eye for understatement or flair are all available for you to look great while your mimosas are being prepared.

Lifestyle Items

Many accoutrements needed to make your relaxation go well are here for you. Whether it's a planned excursion or a spontaneous stopover, items such as towels, drinkware, wall art, or pillows can certainly enhance the moment.

Explore these items while planning your next chill move.

We want you to make your chill time as worry-free as can be.

An Oasis Within Reach

Remembering to reward your work efforts is important. Feel-good music, comfy clothing, lifestyle items, and destination tips provide a well-deserved escape from your day-to-day.

Welcome to Comfort Crusade.