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Music is the engine behind this store. Greg Graham began his music career in the mid-1990s as an unpaid intern at what would quickly grow into one of the largest music promotions services in the US and EU, Promo Only, Ltd. Patience and persistence propelled him through various roles until he became a global music marketing executive at the firm. For the longest time (even now) he continues to work under the name "Comfort Crusade" as a music producer and international DJ.

During this journey he became more drawn toward the laid-back electronic lounge music he experienced at poolside cafes, hotel bars, recreational islands, and lounges around the world. It is the essence of this diverse and inclusive lifestyle that he aims to capture and present to you.

Currently he continues to provide his laid-back sonic escapes for wonderful people in great cities around the world and occasionally gets to discover more exotic destinations where relaxation and recharging of the soul are encouraged.

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When you know it's time to chill, add Comfort Crusade's original music tracks to your favorite playlists. They're very loungy with good vibes for those great times with your favorite people.

Below are direct links to Comfort Crusade's Apple Music and Spotify pages which will give you a great start on your journey to chill, relax, and enjoy.

Music supervisors for TV, Film, Streaming Video Services, and ad agencies have found Comfort Crusade tracks for use on There is a link to Disco below that contains many commercially unreleased tracks which are often ideal for placement into a variety of media projects.